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Kestrel 5

Better looking than a flatscreen: the Kestrel’s clean styling makes it perfect for contemporary homes.

It’s a beautiful centrepiece that draws everyone closer.  And once it’s in, the Kestrel is easy to clean and maintain.

This cost-efficient stove belts out 5.5kW (max), burning logs or other approved solid fuel.  It’s cleaner, too – not just for the environment.

A hot airwash keeps the glass clear, and a cool-touch riddling handle lets you riddle the grate swiftly.

Output nominal / max Kw  4.8kW / 3.5kW – 5.5 Kw

Compact 5

Small space, big ideas?

The Compact is perfect for small and cosy rooms.  Designed with plenty of traditional charm, you’ll enjoy a magnificent heat output of up to 5.5kW  thanks to the built-in Tripleburn technology.  Whether you use logs or other low-emission fuel, the Compact 5  is designed to get the best performance from your fuel.  So… are you ready to think big? Squeeze in the deceptively small Herald 5 Compact, and light up the room.

Output nominal / max Kw   4.7kW / 3.5kW – 5.5Kw

Hawk 3 & 4

Meet the Hawk.

You’ll be charmed by its size – but don’t underestimate its power.  It has all the features of a bigger model – Cleanburn technology, hot air wash over the glass and cool-touch riddling handle – in smaller stature. In fact its compact size betrays its exquisite engineering. No wonder it works so hard to win your approval. The Hawk 4 features a mighty heat output of 3.5 – 5.5kW.  All that fire from such a small stove?  You have to meet the Hawk to believe it.

Output nominal / max Kw – 4.7kW max 5.5kW

Herald 4

Stop gazing at the colour choices, and concentrate.

The Herald 4 may look stylish, but it’s actually all about the engineering. Our design experts have incorporated Cleanburn (for cleaner air), hot airwash (for cleaner glass) and traditional looks (for cleaner appeal). Yes, it’s beautifully styled, but don’t you want to know about the triple airstream? Or the cool-touch handle that allows you to switch between logs and anthracite? The 5kW output? Whatever your reason for choosing the Herald 4, it’s one impulse you won’t regret this winter…

Output nominal / max Kw – 4 – 5Kw

Herald 5 Slimline

There was only one way to improve the Herald 5.

In every respect, this stove was perfect. It’s got our acclaimed traditional styling. It has Cleanburn, Tripleburn and Cool Touch technology. It boasts a generous heat output – with a choice of fuels. So we made just one small change. The Slimline 5 has a shallower fuel bed, so it can be fitted in with hearth space to spare. Now, anyone with tighter restrictions can breathe more easily. The Slimline will fit.

Output nominal / max Kw – 4 – 5Kw

Herald 8 Slimline

The Slimline delivers outstanding performance.

Styled and built in the image of the original, it’s designed to fit onto a shallow hearth. Just like its predecessor, this slender stove can take logs of up to 20” – which means you get a longer snooze between re-laying. It can be left to smoulder overnight, and it features our well-loved Airwash for clean glass. We’re not saying that slimmer is always better. But if you’re looking for a slimmer model that doesn’t compromise on features, well, we think you’ve found it.

Output nominal / max Kw – 6Kw

Herald 6

The year it was out, the Herald 6 won Stove of the Year.

What charmed the judges? Its traditional design, or engineering finesse? It was a bit of both. Because – just like an Oscar-winner – the Herald 6 has style and substance. This elegant model gives a fine performance on wood or solid fuel, delivering a max heat output of 6.5kW. Cleanburn technology makes it kinder to the environment than many of its competitors. And an internal airwash keeps the glass sparkling. Dirty secrets? Not likely.

Output nominal / max Kw – 5.5 – 6.5Kw

Herald 80b

Designed to heat your home throughout.

We set our designers a challenge: create a new stove that can power a family home, and run 15 radiators. As you can see, they rose to the task beautifully. This magnificent stove combines 40 years of heating know-how with classic styling. At first glance, it’s a fierce stove (max heat 16kW) that runs your water and radiators. Behind the doors, our technology is hard at work to ensure the fuel is fully ignited (using Tripleburn) and efficiently dispersed for a cleaner atmosphere (Cleanburn). There must be something this stove can’t do – but right now, we can’t think what it is…

Output nominal / max Kw – 4.5 – 10Kw


Create a cosy nook in your home.

The traditionally-styled Inglenook is the essence of country chic. With a dramatic canopy and charming double doors, it’s a real charmer. But beneath the traditional façade is a modern stove. With a maximum output of 7kW, the Inglenook features our latest technology, including Cleanburn, for a clean, efficient performance. You can burn solid fuel or wood, adjusting the airflow to give fierce or gentle flames. And the Inglenook can be trusted to smoulder softly as you nap. So curl up, and enjoy.

Inglenook High Output

Elegantly made, astonishingly powerful.

The Inglenook provides the sort of old-fashioned ambience you see in movies.  It’s the perfect setting for family gatherings – no matter how many you’re entertaining. Because this new model delivers a mighty performance.  It’ designed to accommodate large logs or a generous pile of solid fuel. Burning efficiently and cleanly, it reaches a maximum heat output of 12kW. And you’ll be glad of that – especially when the rain is beating on the roof.